Information for Mutual Fund Investors

Look below to learn about investing in Mutual Funds.

Fund Facts

Mutual Funds, hedge funds, bond funds. Learn the basics of mutual fund investing.

Kinds of Mutual Funds

There are diverse kinds of Mutual Funds. Investors can learn about them here.

Trading Mutual Funds

Investors can learn to buy, sell and trade mutual fund stocks to earn money, dividends or capital gains.

Selecting a Mutual Fund

How to choose the right fund for your financial needs and risk preference.

Common Pitfalls

Problems and mistakes that investors make when buying or selling stocks in funds.

The Price of Mutual Funds

Mutual funds carry fees, charges and commissions that investors should learn about.

The prospectus

The primary selling document of a mutual fund is the prospectus. Learn to use the financial indicators and information to invest wisely.

Technical Terms

Learn the language of mutual fund investing with this technical glossary.